Tippecanoe City Herald

July 21, 1870

BROWN, ALICE TURESSA - In Memoriam - It becomes our painful duty to chronicle to the death of our dear departed friend, Alice Turessa Brown. She departed this life May 23d, 1870, aged 19 years, 1 month, and 23 days. Was born in Brandt, Miami County, Ohio. Dear friend, we know not why thou wert called away in the bloom of youth, when the world and worldly prospects were so bright before thee, but

"God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform."

And while we mourn thy departure we know that thy pure spirit is basking in the smiles of a crucified Redeemer. She gave us the testimony that she was "born of the Spirit," and that it was her meat and drink to do her Master's will. She attached herself to the Lutheran Church last autumn. Her pastor told me the Church and Sabbath school had lost one of their best and most active members. But Oh! We miss thee; we miss they winning smile, thy soft familiar voice. The echo of those light footsteps are heard no more. 'Tis hard to think of that gentle form buried from our sight forever. We would mourn with those that mourn and weep with those that weep around the grave of our cherished friend. A more amiable and loving daughter, devoted and affectionate sister, and sympathizing friend none ever knew. Yes, dear friend,

"None knew thee but to love thee,
None named thee but to praise."

Deeply we do sympathize with the bereaved family. Lord, help them to feel it is for their good--that it is another link to the golden chain in heaven. Turessa, farewell, until we meet in that bright world above. Lizzie B.

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