Troy Times

January 13, 1870

DEVOL, MRS. JANE L. - Mrs. Jane L. Devol, wife of Harrison Devol, was born May 20th, 1805, came to Ohio in 1819, joined the Methodist E. Church in 1832, was happily married to her now bereaved husband in 1865, died in the peace of the Gospel of Christ and in hope of Heaven Jan. 6, 1870. Mrs. Devol was a good citizen, kind neighbor, tender mother, affectionate companion and a consistent Christian. She delighted to read and study God's blessed word--spending hours often in this delightful service--her benevolence, though unostentatious was large. The indigent, those often passed by, by others found a friend in her. She was highly esteemed by her neighbors, and her church, tenderly loved by her husband and her children rise up and call her blessed. She is gone, but who has left to the world, the church and her family--what should be more highly esteemed than gold--the legacy of a Christian life. She is gone, but our loss is her eternal gain.

"Servant of God, well done,
Thy glorious warfare's past,
The battle's fought, the race is won
And those art crowned of that.

O, happy, happy soul
In ecstasies of praise
Long as eternal ages roll,
Thou ourst thy Savior's face.

Redeemed from earth and pale,
Ah! whom shall are served
And all in Jesus' presence reign
With our transiated friend." HER PASTOR.

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