Troy Times

January 23, 1868

EDWARDS, AMOS - Another fatal accident resulting from the careless use of firearms. Some five weeks ago, Amos Edwards, aged about seventeen, son of Mr. Joshua Edwards, living near this town, was out near Harrisburg, Montgomery County, with two other boys hunting rabbits; while one of the boys was holding a gun pointing towards Edwards, the other boy pulled the trigger when it slipped out of his fingers, and the gun went off, being loaded with shot. Young Edwards was hit in the head. He seemed for a time to be recovering from the wound, and was able to come home. But he was taken worse and died on Sunday evening. It perhaps is not worth while to __________ on this sad accident at the present time. But it does seem to me that more persons have been killed this fall and winter by the careless use of firearms, according to the number of persons, who use them, than by any other season. It is certain that too much care, in their use, cannot be exerted.

Pleasant Hill, Jan. 21, 1868 D.

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