Troy Times

May 16, 1867

FLYNN, JOHN J. - John J. Flynn, formerly of this place, died suddenly at the residence of Mr. Wm. Bell of Warren, Warren Co., Pa., on the morning of the 29th of April. He was employed in the clothing store of Albert Wise of the above named place. During the week he had complained of feeling badly from the effects of a piece of oyster shell which he had swallowed, and which refused to be ejected, but lodged at last in the stomach. During most of the week he was about his business in the store, but ate nothing. He continued to fail during Sunday, and on Sunday evening he raised blood. At about half past twelve o'clock he asked for a glass of water, and when taking it said "it looks dark here," and laying his head upon the pillow breathed his last. John had been in Warren but a few months, but with his pleasing manner and kind heart he had gained many warm friends. Having no relations in the place, and being a Mason, the order took charge of the remains and buried him in the cemetery of that place, on the first of May. L. N. S. 

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