Cashner, Wesley Miami Union 6/9/1866 Company F 71st OVI

From the Gospel Herald - A Patriot Fallen - I have just received the painful intelligence of the death of Wesley Cashner, of lung fever.  This event occurred on the 21st inst., at Pleasant Hill, Missouri.  His parents live at this place, and know nothing of his illness until the lightning messenger announced to them his death.  He was twenty-two years, six months and two days old when he died.  He enlisted as a private soldier in Co. F, 71st Ohio Infantry, on the 23d day of December, 1861, and served continuously, until the 4th day of January 1866, when he was honorably discharged with his regiment.  His character as a soldier and Christian is without blemish.  Being most of the time his regimental or brigade commander, I had the opportunity to know him; and I am sure Ohio never sent a braver or truer son to battle for liberty.  He professed religion and joined the M. E. Church in this village in the winter of ____.  His record as a church member, like that as a soldier, is blameless; and when he left his home, only a few months ago, to commence business where he died, he carried a good letter from his excellent pastor, Rev. Mr. Collett.  In his dying moments he told his brother--the only kindred or relative nigh--that he was prepared to go and be with Christ.  Since his discharge he had taken a course in a mercantile college in Cincinnati, that he might, the more successfully husband the "talents" which he had earned amid the din of battle.  Let others follow his example.  I have no doubt but that he contracted his quick demise in his struggle for the peace we now enjoy.  When will treason cease to drink the blood of our bravest and best?  How can men plead for the admission to our national councils of those who inaugurated and maintained such a cruel war against the peace and liberty of our land, and the happiness of our firesides?                                       H. K. McCONNELL  Troy, Ohio, May 26, 1866.

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