Burkett, Oscar The Miami Union 11/18/1920 Company F 71st OVI

Another of our aged pioneers is gone. Oscar Burkett was accidentally hit by Lee Boyer’s car about 4 o’clock Monday afternoon at Miami avenue and Smithfield street. Mr. Boyer, who was driving, saw him start across the street and sounded her horn in warning, which seemed to confuse the aged gentleman, who stopped and she was unable to stop the car in time to avoid hitting him, seems to be an unavoidable accident with no blame attaching to anyone.

Mr. Burkett was taken to the home of his daughter, Mr. Mary Livington, living until about 8 o’clock.

Mr. Burkett was one of our oldest pioneers, having operated the blacksmith shop at Buckneck hill for many years until advancing age compelled him to relinquish active work as this trade, since then he has made his home principally with his son Samuel at Dayton, but coming up to mingle with old friends frequently.

Funeral services are to be held Thursday afternoon at Greenville Creek church, interment in adjacent cemetery.

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