Ely, George Miami Union 10/26/1905 Company C 71st OVI

(Written by his Pastor.) George W. Ely was born Sept. 29, 1840 and died Oct. 16, 1905, aged 65 years and 10 days. He was the son of Joshua and Rachel Ely and one of a family of five children, only who of whom survives him, and he is here today. On Oct. 30, 1860, he at the age of twenty enlisted in the war of the Rebellion, being a member of Co. C, 71st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was married to Anna S. Bowersock, August 17, 1867. To this union were given three children, one daughter and two sons, all of whom survive him, he being the first link to fall from that unbroken chain. For the last twenty years he had been a great sufferer, but through all of his sufferings he was patient, cheerful, uncomplaining, always looking to the pleasure and happiness of his family and through the last week so intense suffering his trust was in his heavenly Father. Lost to us, but not to God. Lost from earth but entered haven. Lost from these labors and tools and suffering, but entered into that everlasting peace. Blessed be God who gives us this hope in this hour of sorrow.

“I know thou are gone to a clime of light, To a world of job and love. Beyond the reach of the sunbeam’s flight In the shadowless above. And I will rejoice in thy smiles again. And hap’ly thy whisper hear, Dispelling the gloom of sorrow and pain, when the twilight of death in near.”

Brother Ely united with the Hopewell church about nineteen years ago under the pastorae of Rev. J. B. Fenner. I visited him several times during his last sickness, joining him in prayer, he heartily responding, His final departure was a moment of great hope to his family. Bidding them goodbye and with a sweet smile radiating his sunken countenance, the sprit walked out into the summer lad of immortality.

The funeral services were held at the Christian church, Wednesday afternoon, October 18, conducted by the pastor. Singing by a quartet consisting of J.L. Rector, W.H. Tucker, Misses Ethel Coppock and Madge Rector; organist Miss Eva Whitmer. The pall bearers consisted of his soldier comrades. The main address was given by Re. O. P. Furnas; scripture reading and remarks by Re. Isaac Frantz; pray, reading obituary and closing remarks by the pastor.

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