Byrkett, Francis M                  Buckeye      5/19/1898                             Company  C    71st OVI


Tippecanoe City: Mr. Frank Byrkett died on Tuesday morning from a cancer that started soon after the close of the war.  He has endured great agony for the last here years, not being able to sleep except from the use of opiates.  The cancer had frown back from the eye under the frontal bone until it reached the brain tissue.  Mr. Byrkett was a member of the 71st O.V.I. and served with honor to himself and country.  He was wounded while in the service, a ball striking him in the hand, rendering it almost helpless.  He leaves a wife and five children; two sons, Frank A. and Loren and three daughters, Mary, Ella and Estella, besides a host of friends, to mourn his loss.  He was a member of the I.O.O.F. fraternity.

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