Beamer, Dr. John B. The Miami Union 8/13/1891 Company E 71st OVI

Dr. J. B. Beamer, a prominent physician, died very suddenly at this residence in Fletcher, Ohio, last Friday. He was a member of the 71 OVI and with his regiment was engaged in the bloody battle of Shiloh where he was severely wounded, from which he never entirely recovered. Periodically, the wound would break out anew and cause him excruciating paid and it was no doubt the indirect cause of his death. Dr. Beamer, as a secret society man and politician, was well known by great majority of the people of this county. He attended the last Republican County Convention and was in his usual good spirits. Miami County loses a good man and Fletcher her most loved and respected citizen. He was buried Monday, by the I.O.O.F. of which order he was a member. His funeral was largely attended by his many friends throughout the county.

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